Welcome to the Aurora Theatre Company Member Site

Here you will find answers on frequent questions on how to sign in, and navigate our new site, and how to join us for future events and catch up on what we have been up to this 2020/2021 season.

If you do not see an answer to your question here you may contact our Box Office for further assistance, and we will get back to you shortly:
Email: boxoffice@auroratheatre.org 
Tel. 510.843.4822


Where do I click to Log In?

at https://members.auroratheatre.org click the blue "Login" button in the upper right of the top banner. Put in your account email address and password to access the site

How do I access videos?

Once you are logged in, you should now have access to all our offerings on this site.  Just below our logo on the banner, to the right of '20/21 Season Membership' is the 'Products' link to click on. Clicking here will take you to another page with buttons for each of the various programs we have hosted online.

Alternatively, the links on the top banner take you to an information page for each offering, and there is usually a direct link to the program in question prominently on that page.                                                                                                                CLICK THE "PRODUCTS" LINK HERE
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                                            ALL OUR PROGRAMS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THIS PAGE
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I've Missed An Event!

Most of our programs are then archived for later viewing on the site, and will be available for the rest of the season (July 31st, 2021). Some select shows are One Night Only however, and are always noted as such in our communications. 

Check the "Products" link once you are signed in, or click the link on the top banner for the Program in question. Archived programs are posted with 48 hours of the live event. 

My password doesn't seem to work?

- Go to https://members.auroratheatre.org/forgot-password
- Enter your email address and click "Next"
- Enter your email address and click "Next"
- Check your email for a new one with the subject line "Reset your password"
- In that email click "Reset your password" to get a page asking you for a new password
- Type in a new password and click on the "Reset my password" button
- This takes you to the "Welcome!" page where you enter your name and password to get in

My Login says "email invalid"

The email you are entering does not match the account we have for you on record. Try the steps above to reset your account. If you have tried the password reset steps and still get an "email invalid", try searching your email box for an email titled "Thanks for subscribing" to confirm you have the right email address.. If this does not work you may need to contact the box office to assist in recovering your account information.

Email: boxoffice@auroratheatre.org | Tel. 510.843.4822

Why am I not getting reminders of upcoming shows?

When signing up for the member site, many patrons understandably selected "Do not send me marketing emails". The service on which we are hosting our online platform has a built in client for sending messages to our patrons, but we did not realize for some time that all messages using this service were treated as "marketing emails" and were thus blocked  for many users. We are updating our policy to remind patrons 3 days in advance, 24 hours in advance, and 20 minutes prior to live events, as well as using a second email service for at least one of the reminders.

If you'd like to receive the reminders directly from the member site, please consider enabling "marketing emails" by clicking your initials in the top right, then account, then tick "I would like to receive marketing emails from Aurora Theatre Company". We are not using this messaging service for any other "marketing" purposes.
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Why do I see a message that says “enrollment closed”?

You may not be logged in. Check that you are by noting your initials in a circle in the upper right. If it says "login" you must click there and log in first. If you are not a member you will not have access to most of our online offerings (denoted by "enrollment is closed"). Many of our programs are available to purchase as a single ticket buyer, check their respective pages in the top banner.

Why can’t you stream videos of productions from the past? Other theatres are doing it!

We wish that we could! Our agreements with the artists’ unions previously precluded sharing videos of past productions. Because of this, we never committed the resources to creating high-quality archival videos. We do have video trailers featuring footage of many of our past production on our YouTube channel, but unfortunately we weren’t able to capture full productions. Theatre is ephemeral!
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