Season 2: Episode 9- Dancing Earth

Rulan Tangen's work explores movement as an evolving language of global Indigenous relation building,  rooted in inclusion of diverse cosmologies from her own experience and those of the artists with whom  she creates. Her contemporary dance practice strives to serve as functional ritual for transformation and healing, animating of decolonizing process, integrating concurrent universes of ancient futurities in the moment of now, expressing energetic connection with all relations – human and beyond.As Founding Artistic Director/Choreographer of DANCING EARTH, she has passionately cultivated successive generations of Indigenous contemporary performing artists as cultural ambassadors and conduits for social change.As  we approach Indigenous Peoples Day, as a woman of Kampampangan/Norweigian and mixed heritage, she considers  how to be a helpful ally to local Native land stewards. Thus, she will be donating her honoraria for this event to  Sogorea Te' Land Trust - an urban Indigenous women-led land trust that facilitates the return of Indigenous land to Indigenous people by  requesting an optional land tax of Bay Area residents.


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